IRD founder Kimberly Kirkendall keynote speaker at SIAS University May 2011


How do we implement change? By recognizing that change is interdisciplinary, that it involves all levels and departments in an organization, and that sometimes the first step is the most important. Implementation hinges on; Strategy, Process, Structure, Staff, Culture, Systems.


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All those questions you can’t answer as you develop or expand your Business in China – we can.

We start by asking the right people the right questions. Then as we gather more details we can identify the critical issues, and provide you with options to improve your business. But that’s not enough, because we don’t leave the project half done, we stay engaged until we have guided you through execution.

Or as someone in Shanghai said recently…. ” you are the business doctor.”

Our founder’s focus has been developing and improving businesses opportunities both in and between the U.S. and China for over almost 25 years. The most important strategic economic relationship in the world today. Our clients come to us when they have exhausted other resources without solving the problem at hand. The perspective we have developed in over 25 years of doing business between China and the U.S. gives the insight needed to recognize the patterns in your company’s situation and relate them to our experience. We have the bandwidth because of years of experience with so many corporations – our knowledge base reads like a long term benchmarking study.

In China, in business, the only constant is change, and as your business grows and changes, so do the needs of the company. When you need direction and expertise in how to develop your business opportunities, we can give you that direction, for specific projects or on an ongoing part time basis.

We have executive and support staff available to fill those needs. An outsiders viewpoint with an insider’s commitment is what we offer. The majority of our clients come from referrals, our only marketing is word of mouth referrals from our clients.

We help you get a clear view of the present so that you can move confidently into the future.



Operations analysis is about patterns…and so is accounting, cultural differences, sales channels, and language. Kim Kirkendall’s innate skill is in seeing and understanding patterns. Once you see the overall structure, we can identify what is missing or broken and know how to fix it.